Best York Heat Pumps - Review and Buying Guide

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Looking for the best way of heating up your home in winter or to cooling it down in summer? Then York heat pumps are what you need. These heat pumps are the best in the market without a doubt, and here we will tell you why.

When we talk about electric heat pumps, we talk about some of the most efficient systems for cooling and heating in the market. You can receive both warmth and fresher environments at homes depending on the season, and all of that with the most cost-oriented and reliable performance any device can offer.

Here we are going to go over the benefits of using heat pumps over any other device, as well as give you an insight of the York heat pumps for you to consider.

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Why buy a heat pump over an AC?

York heat pumpphoto: York

There are various reasons why choosing a heat pump over any other HVAC system is better. Here you have some of these reasons:

Lower running costs

As heat pumps are fueled by electricity and not gas or any other natural source that could be costly, you will obtain reduced costs in a year. But over other electric AC systems, the advantage is on the reusing of the warm air, where a heat pump takes the heat from the environment or the ground and then drives it to the place you want to heat up.

Lower maintenance needs

You won’t have to check on your heating or cooling system every two, three or six months. With only one routine check a year and an expert check every three to five years, it is enough to keep your heat pump working pristine.

Lower carbon emissions

As you won’t be using any fuel, the carbon emission of a heat pump at home will be practically zero. You won’t be polluting the environment thanks to the environment-friendly refrigerant and efficient conditioning process of the heat pump, which reuses air and processes electricity 50% more efficiently for a lower electric need.

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Cooling and heating

Don’t get cold in winter or too hot in the summer, use your heat pump to condition your home at the right temperature according to your needs and season. A heat pump can reverse the heating process and instead provide cold air, which uses the same energy and produces an entirely different outcome you can enjoy at a different climate.


An air conditioner can last between 10 to 15 years working as long as you do maintenance and use it correctly. A heat pump, on the other hand, lasts up to 20 years or even more without that much maintenance and lets you use it the way you prefer.

More convenient & reliable

Both when it comes to performance and overall consistency as an air-conditioning system, a heat pump is much more convenient and reliable than other devices. Heat pumps often consume less electricity while producing quiet yet very convenient heating or cooling. And of course, they provide no temperature fluctuations and can be used for longer time straight.

Best York heat pumps review 2018

Affinity series

The heat pumps from the Affinity series are often much more efficient and convenient than other models and come with a fantastic QuietDrive system for more silent operation. Nonetheless, these are larger and better for people who prefer top-notch performances on top of anything else. 

Benefits of the Affinity series heat pumps:

  • Excellent comfort at all times: performances with high efficiency that go over the top to provide consistency for a more comfortable experience with your heat pump.
  • Quiet and efficient: the QuietDrive system offers the best quiet operation you can hope to get while reducing energy costs and producing high-level comfort.
  • Easy to use: better HX Touch-Screen display allows users to change among different levels of comfort and operations, both in heating and cooling for superb results.
  • Reliable and long-lasting: less maintenance throughout the year, more weather-resistant and utterly dependable defrost operations that make them undoubtedly reliable.

In the Affinity series, you can find models such as:

YZV series

This one comes with an efficiency rating of 20 SEER and 11 HSPF, alongside excellent dependability and a top-notch performance at all times. Perfect for large areas where you need excellent heating or cooling capacity.

With its QuietDrive system, you will be able to enjoy a variable-capacity compressor with the quietest operation in the market. And of course, all of this is delivered with the highest of performances without losing efficiency or consistency.

Apart from that, with the ClimateSet feature, you will be able to enjoy a more accurate yet efficient cooling or heating performance that fits your needs depending on the outside temperature.

And when it comes to durability, the whole shell is made of high-quality automotive powder paint that resists corrosion and rust. And thanks to its straightforward design, installing it is a total piece of cake.

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YZH series

Delivering 18 SEER and 10 HSPF efficiency ratings, the YZH heat pump is an excellent device for everyone who wants a medium-sized device for a small apartment or room. It provides constant heating and cooling and does it in an amazingly efficient way.

With a two-stage compressor, you will obtain a top-notch performance at all times, which alongside the QuietDrive system there won’t be anything to worry about whether it is inconsistency or noise.

In the shell, the heat pump comes with a very resistant automotive-grade paint that holds no matter the weather or normal conditions; it will last years before showing wear or corrosion.

YZF series

Don’t let any season harm your comfort, with this small-sized heat pump you will be able to obtain excellent efficiency, reduced costs, and still get top-notch performance for small rooms and places.

The quality of this option is outstanding, capable of going over 20 years producing excellent results in climate control while working at the quietest operation thanks to its QuietDrive system feature.

And of course, this Affinity series heat pump is also one of the most resistant and durable in the market, with excellent construction and one of the most reliable powder paints to keeps corrosion and other damaging things off your device.

LX series

These are the smaller and more efficient versions of York heat pumps, capable of reducing your bills while heating or cooling your home without problems. You will also obtain highly reliable constructions that make them more reliable and oriented to work on any weather or season condition.

Benefits of the LX series heat pumps:

  • Compact designs: the entire LX Series is composed of small and more space-friendly devices that leave a small footprint and still provide excellent performance during winter or summer according to your needs. 
  • Energy efficient & comfortable:  don’t let these devices fool you with their size, as they come with a high-quality compressor system that not only helps to save more energy but provide outstanding comfort at the same time. 
  • Highly reliable construction: despite being smaller than other heat pumps in the market, these systems are often the most reliable out there, with outstanding builds and low-pressure switches that provide more consistent operations.

Among the LX series heat pumps, you can find:

YHM series

With the 16 SEER efficiency rating, you will be reducing your costs exponentially without losing any performance. And with the 9 HSPF score, both heating and cooling will be exceptional with the cheapest operations out there.

Thanks to an Inverter-Driven Modulating Technology, the heat pump is one of the quietest while being one of the best performers out there, providing versatility, excellent cooling and heating, and meeting your comfort needs at all times.

It also comes with dual-fuel coils alongside a tube-in-fin coil which delivers defrost more rapidly and water shedding more efficiently, reducing frost problems and becoming more reliable over time.

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YHE series

Get the best energy-efficient performance out there without losing any capacity thanks to the 14 SEER rating and 8.2 HSPF grade – providing top-notch heating and cooling no matter where you are.

You can choose between single or three-phase models, all of them reliable and performance-oriented so you can enjoy superb comfort at all times depending on your needs.

With the tube-in-fin coil, you can be assured that whatever model you choose, the device will perform excellently, reducing frost times and making sure to shed water efficiently no matter the weather condition.

Using an air-handler and coil, the device can support dual-fueling options, for more versatile yet efficient performance. And with its top-notch shell, the system can hold harsh conditions and last for years before losing any quality.

YHJF series

The smallest of all York heat pumps, the YHJF model is a perfect choice for anyone who don't mind an average performance and efficiency, while getting the comfort they need in small rooms or spaces at home.

This system comes with everything needed to perform excellently while lasting more than a decade without problems. It offers a top-notch powder paint and a remarkable construction that hold for years without showing any wear or tear.

Why are York heat pumps better than others?

York has been a fantastic air-conditioning business since 1914, starting in Alabama and installing some of the first systems for air comfort in the US. Since then, York has delivered excellent service and devices all around the world. Today, a century later, York is one of the most innovation-oriented and most reliable companies that offer high-quality heat pumps.

Getting York heat pumps is receiving quality that is backed up not only by high standards of construction, innovation, and technology but also by a company that has been in the market for more than a century, so it knows what is necessary to provide the quality people deserve. 

York heat pumps offer many benefits, among them you will find:

  • Better energy efficiency for reduced utility bills and top-notch performance
  • Lower operating levels at the highest-quality operation 
  • Reduced and more attractive design that last longer and offer excellent convenience
  • Much more reliable systems that are easy to use and much more functional than others

All York heat pumps are engineered and manufactured in North America, including all residential and commercial models. They offer the best performance at the lowest costs in the market – and that’s something no other company can offer.

Want the best York heat pump at home?

If you want a product that stands different temperatures and delivers excellent comfort nonetheless the YZV Heat Pump of the Affinity Series at 20 SEER and 11 HSPF will surely provide what you’re looking for.

Instead, you can choose the YHJF model of the LX Series, a small and very convenient device that will heat up or cool down small rooms efficiently without elevating your operating costs at all. It fits anywhere and can become essential at home.

So, what are you waiting for? These York Heat Pumps are waiting for you. Consider each review and make sure you get the best heat pumps at home.

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