Trane Heat Pumps Review

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Explore Trane heat pumps for residential use that utilize a variety of advanced components and features for economical and efficient heating, cooling and dehumidifying.

Trane - Timeless products for modern living

Trane started out rather humbly, as a plumbing shop in Wisconsin where James Trane developed a new heating system in 1885 powered by steam called vapor heating.  Ever since then, the company has continued to find innovative ways to provide heating and cooling solutions for households and businesses. Trane heat pumps are now manufactured to perform for many years and work together with other HVAC products and provide you with the climate control you need.

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The Trane line of HVAC products is designed to integrate seamlessly so you get a complete system that delivers maximum efficiency. To boost cooling effectiveness, you can get an air conditioner, and likewise to boost heating ability, pair your Trane heat pump with a furnace.  They all can work with a heat exchanger, CleanEffects electronic air cleaning units, and humidifiers to help make every day a perfect day.

All of the units can be controlled by a Trane thermostat or the Nexia Home Intelligence Control System that lets you even take control of your home from anywhere you are. It can even be the device that is used to provide control over some home security features like the exterior lights and security cameras so you are not only comfortable at home, but you are also peaceful while on the road.

Trane components

Depending on the heat pump model you choose, you can mainly get a dual-stage or a single stage Climatuff compressor or for the top model, 750 stages of the variable speed inverter compressor. All types are designed to fully blend in with the rest of the components of the heat pump to work seamlessly together.  They are extraordinarily efficient with all models giving you high heating and cooling ratios.

Trane heat pumps are relatively quiet, ranging from 54 decibels on the low end with the top of the line models to 76 decibels with the lower end models.  Aluminum Spine Fin coils maximizes heat transfer and blade-down fans maximize air flow for a greater performance while keeping the noise levels down.

Durable and sturdy steel cases with protective powder coated paint and WeatherGuard screws will give you years and years of service without worrying about the harsh weather affecting its functionality and damaging inner components.  The strong DuraTuff base pan contributes to that durability.

Trane heat pumps - Models

XV series

Trane XV seriesphoto: Trane

In the Trane XV line you get the best Trane heat pumps that utilize the most innovative technology and features such as the variable speed inverter compressor, variable speed fan motor, long warranty and other – which can be seen in the detailed review. The XV20i has great ratings of 21 SEER for cooling and 10 HSPF for heating, which is one of the longest.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art design, the XV series has one of the quietest models sold by Trane at just 54 decibels. Just below it is the XV18 that has a lower SEER rating at 18, but it has the same 10 HSPF.

XL series

There are three models in this mid-range line of Trane heat pumps. The XL18i has a two-stage compressor that helps regulate the shifts between heating and cooling so you get fantastic energy efficiency as well as a nearly steady temperature inside. It gives you 18 SEER cooling and 9.5 HSPF heating which also make it very efficient for great savings. The XL16i is a bit below that at 17 SEER cooling and a bit above on heating at 9.6 HSPF.

The last one in this line, the XL15i, only has a single stage compressor but still maintains efficiency, delivering 16.25 SEER and 9.7 HSPF heating.

XR series

The XR17 returns to the two-stage compressor and 17.25 SEER cooling/9.6 HSPF heating while the XR16 has the Climatuff compressor that undergoes rigorous testing to ensure you can be comfortable for years to come all while giving you 17 SEER cooling and 9.6 HSPF heating.

To get the most out of the XR15 model, you need to match it with a Trane furnace and air conditioner.  It is rated at 16 SEER and 9.5 HSPF, but only when it is part of a comprehensive HVAC system. The same holds true of the XR14 that comes in at 14 SEER and 8.2 HSPF when included in a full system. Check out the detailed review here.


Depending on which model you buy, you get either a long 12 year or a 10 year compressor warranty.  All Trane models come with a 10 year parts warranty which is a standard found on top models from other manufacturers.

With several series of Trane heat pumps to choose from, the company makes it easy to find just what you are looking for. Whether you choose to use them as they are or if you combine them with a full HVAC system, you can find great heating and cooling solutions that will last you for years to come. In short, models from XV series are the top models with the most innovative features, but if looking for the heat pump that will meet your needs, regarding the feature selection or a budget, use the provided links to read the detailed review of each category.

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