Trane XL Heat Pumps Review

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Trane XL heat pumps deliver a great price as well as exceptional performance for homeowners. Make them a part of a complete HVAC system for perfect heating and cooling operation in every weather condition. The reliable compressor gives you years of faithful service with no worry.

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Trane HVAC components like an air conditioner, furnace, and heat exchanger all combine to help improve the efficiency of the entire system and give you the ability to operate on different fuel sources so you can take advantage of lower fuel prices as the seasons change. Trane believes in standing behind their products, so they give you a 12 year heat pump compressor warranty and 10 year parts warranty which may be transferable.

Trane XL product information

photo: Trane

Trane heat pumps can be controlled with a Trane thermostat that can be programmed for perfect comfort for when you come home, or choose a less expensive model that allows you to manually control your settings. Alternatively, you could go for the most high-tech option and use the Nexia Home Intelligence control for not just setting your thermostat but also for controlling your security lights and camera system, giving you whole home peace of mind.  Plus, take your Nexia controls with you wherever you go on your mobile device or laptop.

The XL series comes with the Climatuff compressor that is made by Trane so it matches the system completely, unlike some competitors who buy and install compressors from other companies. 

Trane heat pumps from XL series are a bit louder in operation than the XV series, but they still come in at a respectable 71 decibels, keeping them at a reasonable level thanks to the construction of the unit and sound mufflers on some of the XL15i models.

Operating details

A powder coated paint exterior helps protect against rust and corrosion in even harsh climates that when paired with the WeatherGuard zinc-coated screws gives you a durable case that will last for a long time. You don’t have to worry about the base rusting out either thanks to the DuraTuff rustproof base.

The top cover of the heat pump is a polycarbonate element called WeatherGuard II that will give you additional protection against the elements as well as the louvered panels that cover the sides.

The fan is designed to give you better airflow than other brands thanks to a blade down design and set up. This also helps keep the noise down because of the improved airflow. An aluminum coil called the Spine Fin maximizes heat release as the coolant passes through.

Trane XL models

Trane XL18i

Trane XL18i heat pump has a two-stage compressor that helps regulate temperatures more evenly on both heating and cooling cycles. It is also the only one in the XL line to have a two-stage compressor. You also get the best cooling efficiency in this line at 18 SEER, and a highly efficient heating ratio of 9.5 HSPF. Model XL18i is cheaper than XV18 while the HSPF efficiency is marginally different. Get the most out of your system by making it a part of a full house Trane HVAC system and get Energy Star certified. Energy Star certifications mark the high efficient appliances that bring substantial savings and rebates.

Trane XL16i

Trane heat pump XL16i comes in at a slightly lower SEER rating at 17 but a slightly higher HSPF 9.6 heating ratio making it efficient in both summer and winter and lowering your utility bills. This model can be paired with the CleanEffects electronic air cleaning system to deliver fresh air inside your house, a boon for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Trane XL15i

A single stage compressor marks the biggest difference for this model of Trane heat pumps. It still gives you 16.25 SEER cooling effectiveness and a top of the XL line 9.7 HSPF heating capacity in the winter. You still get the durability of Trane as well as a reasonably quiet heat pump. If you make this part of a full Trane HVAC system you might even qualify for Energy Star certification.

What to do next

If you’re thinking about a Trane heat pump for your next heating and cooling solution, contact your local HVAC dealer for more information.  A Trane XL series heat pump is a good choice thanks to its quiet operation and efficient performance while being cheaper than XV series.

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