Rheem Heat Pump Water Heaters Review

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Check out how Rheem heat pump water heaters help you create a perfect home climate comfort utilizing four heating modes and greatly contributing in an increased efficiency, higher performance and environment protection.

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Rheem heat pump water heaters combine the efficiency of heating your water with the effectiveness of cooling your home. You get a single unit that does the work of two pieces of the HVAC system. Depending on weather conditions and demand, it can switch between heat pump mode and electricity, making it a true hybrid a product with the ultra high efficiency.

Rheem’s Professional Prestige Hybrid heat pump water heater utilizes heat pump technology to draw heat out of your house and compress it before turning that heat into the source that heats your water in a full sized, 50 or 80 gallon tank.  Depending on the fuel and electricity costs, you may even find that this unit can pay for itself in just two years. Your home will be cooler thanks to the heat pump portion and your water will be kept at a pleasant temperature.

Product details

Photo: Rheem

Being able to combine two products in one hybrid system is both energy efficient and space smart, too. Rheem heat pump water heaters won the 2014 AHR Expo Innovation award for creative and novel products in the HVAC industry that will have a big impact overall.

Repair technicians will appreciate the easy access ports on the sides and the way they can easily get into the electrical box. Connections are easy to make, too, and this product can be used as a direct replacement for an existing electrical model.

Its insulation is made from foam that is free of chlorofluorocarbons and the resistor is made of stainless steel. The Professional Prestige is also made with low-lead products for safe use for many years to come. It even comes with a washable air filter in the top of the unit.

The manufacturer’s warranty is a generous 12 year parts and tank warranty. Like a regular electric or gas water heater, there is a pressure relief valve as well as a brass drain valve, so your heat pump water heater will not become damaged due to the extreme pressure and temperature.


Combination of the heat pump and electric-power technology can heat a full tank of water up to 130 degrees and do it sometimes faster than a traditional electric model can, in as little as two hours in the 50 gallon size. Some heat pump water heaters are not able to work efficiently when the temperatures fall, but this Rheem model can work in conditions as low as 37 degrees so you can use it in warm and moderate climates with ease.

The EcoNet WiFi capability lets you access the controls over your water heater via the EcoNet system and also via a free app you can load on your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust the temperature settings or even turn things completely down when you are away for any length of time. You can even make an adjustment while you are at work, giving you added energy savings.  EcoNet will also alert you to any water on the outside where it shouldn’t be. An LCD screen will let you know if there is an issue thanks to a sound alarm.

Rheem heat pump water heaters qualify as Energy Star certified products and are actually so efficient that they guarantee savings and may qualify for a tax rebate. Check with your tax preparer for more details.

Model information

The Professional Prestige Hybrid heat pump water heater provides decent savings over a year and when compared to the regular electric model, and the impressive 8700 BTU/h compressor gives you fast reheating capability so everyone in the family can enjoy hot water when they want it, with anywhere from 72 to 83 gallons heated per hour. If you need to, you can switch it to electric only, or run it on heat pump only mode, which helps a lot during outdoor temperature fluctuation.

Both the 50 gallon and 80 gallon models have energy factors of 2.45, meaning it’s one of the most efficient models of water heater there is on the market today. (The higher the energy factor, the more efficient the model.)


If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and innovative product to use in your home’s HVAC system, consider the Rheem heat pump water heaters from Professional Prestige Hybrid series. You’ll get a unit that gives you effective water heating at the same time as it provides your home with pleasant cooling and space saving technology.

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