3 Popular 14,000 BTU Portable Heat Pumps for 2020

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In this article, we will look at three popular 14,000 Btu portable heat pumps that are currently available, as top sellers in 2020. We will review the following models: Honeywell MM14CHS, Black & Decker BPACT14HWT, and EdgeStar AP14001HS.

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Who should consider buying a portable heat pump?

As explained in this guide, portable heat pumps are popular HVAC units due to its simple design, mobility, and higher efficiency. They are easy to use and do not require expert installation (plug-and-play), and what’s the best – they can be moved from one room to another using its caster wheels. The best portable heat pumps can heat, cool, dehumidify, or simply blow the air and offer fancy features such as auto-evaporation, touch buttons, LCD, and quality filters.

Model selection

Honeywell MM14CHS

This Honeywell MM14CHS unit is a 14,000 Btu mobile air conditioner promoted as a four-in-one unit with air conditioner, dehumidifier, fan, and heater, and it’s easily portable too, gliding on its four smooth caster wheels. Even when it’s out of your reach, there’s a neat remote control, so no need to move to adjust it.

There is no need for permanent installation, plus it has a flexible hose that links with a window vent kit (included), which is easy to install or remove when not in use. Depending on your climate, the unit will collect condensate, much of which will self-evaporate and leave you free of bucket duty. It has a range of sleek finishes to complement any home.

It has a 42% - five-star ratings on Amazon with the usual mix of reviews, some of which criticize its ability to cool effectively, however, with almost 70% of reviewers rating it between three and five stars, it can’t be all bad.

Many of the comments mentioned the noise generated by the unit, which is understandable as it contains a compressor, and they are not renowned for silent running.

One comment made was that you couldn’t leave it running all day as it needs to be drained, which may be correct as the local climate will determine how much water it collects. However, it won’t overflow; it cuts out if the water level reaches that point. There were positive reviews about the self-evaporating condensate function, so in climates where this function works, it’s ideal for unsupervised operation.

There were several complaints about the window vent accessory, which doesn’t appear to do the job very well, perhaps Honeywell needs to look at the design and revise it.

There were many positive comments about the look of the unit and its mobility, which is ideal, especially if you live alone and cannot handle heavy equipment. The same applies to the remote control, which received excellent reviews. Perfect when your movement is limited.

One comment was about the fact the unit wouldn’t cool an un-insulated garage effectively in 95 F ambient heat, which is not surprising.

Overall this is an excellent, high-power unit that delivers in all, but a few easily fixed minor areas.

Black & Decker BPACT14HWT

The Black + Decker BPACT14HWT Portable Air Conditioner comes with the power of 14,000 Btu and is designed as 4 in 1 unit, which heats, cools, moves air, and delivers heat in the winter months. It’s quickly installed and set up ready to provide comfort all year round.

The crisp white-finish unit has free-running casters and side handles to enable easy repositioning to suit your needs. It comfortably cools a room of around 300 to 350 square feet and warms a 225 - 375 square foot area in the winter. It only works in double-hung sash windows. It has easy access and easy clean filtration, which makes maintenance simple.

The reviews are mixed overall, but it has 52% five-star ratings and a total of 73% between three and five stars.

The unit is mobile with casters; however, it weighs in at over 80 pounds, so it’s not something you want to be moving up and down stairs very often and impossible if you don’t have the strength for that sort of activity.

It’s quick and easy to set up and has a window kit, a 5’ hose, and a remote device. It has an LED display panel with blue lighting, which is very bright, especially if you have the unit running all night and prefer darkness while you sleep. It is programmable with a 24-hour timer for convenience.

It runs quietly and restarts automatically in the event of an outage, which is useful. Overall, it’s cheap to run and relatively quiet. There have been some issues with faulty compressors that can happen and blocked filters; the unit has three which need to be kept clean for efficient running.

EdgeStar AP14001HS

The EdgeStar AP14001HS model is another quality portable heat pump that provides heating and cooling for year-round comfort. It requires venting, and the window kit comes with the unit. It’s easy to set up and use.

The heating function is supplemental and only designed to support a separate heating system. Its heating capability is less than its cooling capacity. The model is capable of cooling an area of up to 525 square feet effectively.

It is programmable for maximum efficiency and economy using the 24-hour timer supplied with the unit.

The reviews are good, 63% five-star ratings, and 83% between three stars and five stars considering its higher cost. It is impressive considering the fact it only advertises a supplemental heating capability, although users all seemed happy with its heating performance and delighted with its cooling ability. That’s probably because it uses twin-hose venting, which is more efficient.

The unit runs quietly and cools effectively and quickly; on balance, the price versus performance ratio is favorable. There were several comments about repeat purchases of this make and the fact they last well, which is always a good sign.

The unit weighs in at 75 pounds, which is substantial, especially if you want to use it up and downstairs.

There were some issues reported about its inability to handle high levels of humidity, and some felt the fan speed on the high setting, could have been faster. The high cost of replacement carbon filters from the manufacturers was also a criticism made.

Overall a popular purchase.


Portable heat pumps are always a compromise because they need to be lightweight enough to move around easily, and physical size is important too as they take up floor space wherever you use them.

It’s possible the technology is not as leading-edge as it is in window units, for example, but portable heat pumps don’t block the light or your view, and of course, you can take them to exactly where you need them.

The one to buy will depend on your specific requirements; your location and, of course, the climate where you live and cost too, will play a part in any decision you make. Shop around and buy the right size for your room; it’s a common error, which will potentially be an expensive mistake. Do the math!

The three we’ve reviewed here are all respected brands with quality products, but now you have some information that will hopefully help you make the right decision for your home.

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