Lennox Merit Heat Pumps Review

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The Lennox Merit series of heat pumps is the company’s entry level line, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on either quality or performance with your HVAC system. You still get solid heating and cooling effectiveness no matter what the outside conditions might be.

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Heat pumps help pull hot air out of your house in the summer and bring warm air in during the winter. Lennox heat pumps are available in several types and sizes, and the Merit series is their base model. Even still, you get an Energy Star certified product that meets federal standards of energy efficiency that deliver great savings at a great price.

That said, if you are trying to use the heat pumps in a very cold climate or where winters are harsher than in other parts of the country, you should pair it with a gas furnace. That will allow you to use the fuel source that makes the most sense economically, or combined.

Product details

Lennox heat pump from Merit seriesphoto: Lennox

Couple your Lennox heat pump with the Humiditrol dehumidifier for better complete climate control inside your house. A less humid house means you can actually set your cooling temperature higher, so you save on your energy costs.

Match this heat pump with a Lennox CBX air handler for improved airflow under any conditions. You can also control the 14HPX with the ComfortSense 7500 thermostat that can be programmed to monitor your heat pump even when you are not home. You get to come home to cooling relief even on the hottest of days.

Features and benefits

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Lennox heat pumps from Merit series are designed with a sturdy galvanized steel case that has been zinc-coated for extra durability and rust protection during wet periods. The case is made with louvers that will protect the underlying coils from rain and potential debris that might get kicked up during a windy day. Capping off the exterior is the paint job, a durable powder painted finish that will give you years of service without any corrosion concerns.

A direct drive fan helps keep the cost of operation low while keeping the noise level down, too, something you will appreciate on a warm summer evening on your porch.

The outdoor coil gives you efficient operation and great ability to transfer heat so your home stays comfortable all year long. Its role is to dissipate heat properly and at the right time.

The compressor used in the Lennox Merit series is a single stage scroll compressor so it operates on a more traditional on-off mode instead of stepping up and down based on outside temperature and thermostat settings like a more advanced two-stage compressor does. As such, you also don’t get to take advantage of the quieter operation that a two-stage model provides. It runs at 76 decibels, which is still not that loud, and falls in the middle of the pack compared to other brands.

Merit series of Lennox heat pumps is cooled by R-410A coolant, a newer product that will not deplete the ozone layer like Freon could. Several of the 14HPX models come without a crankcase heater that will help the compressor not be damaged by the coolant. This can be a bigger factor to consider in colder climates, but does not pose as much of a concern in more temperate areas.

Model review

There is only one model in Lennox Merit series a 14HPX model that is able to deliver 14 SEER cooling ratio and 8.2 HSPF heating ratio which is on the mid-low level of the energy efficiency.

Due to its smaller size, 14HPX model can fit into just about any sized yard because it stands 29.25” to 43.25” tall, depending on how many tons of cooling power you want.  It’s only 28.25” to 32.25” square so the overall footprint is pretty small.


Out of the box you get a five-year parts and compressor warranty. You can purchase an extended warranty that will give you 10 years of coverage on the parts and also include labor coverage. While not industry-leading, it is a solid warranty, and a sign of the quality Lennox builds into all of their products.

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