Lennox Elite Heat Pumps Review

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When you are looking for some of the best buys on heat pumps and for residential homes, the Lennox Elite series is one you should consider for your home’s HVAC system.

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The heat pumps give you efficient heating and cooling in just about any season without setting your budget back. Explore the features that make an Elite series a good buy.

Each Elite series heat pump comes with a 10 year compressor warranty and five year limited parts warranty that can be extended to 10 years if you register your heat pump within the first 60 days after installation.

Product details

Great climate control

Your new Lennox Elite heat pump can be integrated into a complete Lennox HVAC system.  The iComfort S30 thermostat is the main brain that controls all of the components. Climate IQ humidity controls and the Humiditrol dehumidifier give you a more pleasant experience indoors, regardless of what storms are raging outdoors. Plus, it means that toxins like mold are kept at bay, so you have cleaner air inside.

Dual Fuel capability

The other components like a Lennox furnace give you Dual Fuel capabilities, so on really cold days you don’t have to expect your heat pump to try to do all of the heating work. The furnace kicks in to give you a toasty warm home and save your energy costs.

Efficient and quiet operation

Lennox heat pump from Elite seriesphoto: Lennox
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Lennox Elite Series heat pumps have either a variable speed or two speed scroll compressor that gives you perfect comfort every day without sacrificing the power or component functionality. It does this by basing the operating speed on what your thermostat setting is and what the outside air conditions are like. The scroll compressor also means that you don’t spend any more on your utilities than absolutely necessary.

All Lennox Elite heat pumps have a direct drive fan that ensures efficient operation without being too loud. They also have an exterior coil that helps provide for the most effective heat transfer possible. They feature SmartHinge Louvers that give technicians the ability to get to the inner components very easily, and that reduces your repair bills.

The Lennox Elite Series

Lennox XP20

The XP20 heat pump has a phenomenal SEER cooling rating of 20 and HSPF heating rating of 10, giving you a comfortable home climate with one of the best efficiency ratings in this group.   It does this through the variable speeds of the compressor and its small increments in the output that help ensure that the temperature inside stays nearly constant and that the heat pump only works as hard as it needs to.

It’s so efficient, in fact, that it earned the Energy Star Most Efficient award for 2016 making it one of the all-stars of the year.

The PermaGuard cabinet gives you heavy gauge steel with a louvered coil guard and a powder coated paint finish for many years of service. It also comes with a zinc-coated base that also helps ward off any corrosion or rusting. Drain holes in the bottom let water sink into the ground and away from your heat pump.


The XP16 heat pump is a step down in terms of efficiency, giving you 17 SEER cooling and 9.5 HSPF heating because of the two-stage compressor. It spends about 80% of the time on the lower stage, only picking up to boost performance when it is needed. Still, the efficiency ratings are some of the best you can find, and are probably a lot higher than any older model you are looking to replace.

The XP16 heat pump has also received the Energy Star certification. You can also relax knowing your XP16 is friendly to the planet thanks to the R-410A refrigerant. It’s chlorine-free, unlike the coolant of choice of years’ past, Freon. Lennox was one of the first companies to switch to using R-410A, so you know that you are dealing with a company that takes its corporate responsibility seriously.

The steel cabinet is designed to last and the textured paint coating helps provide protection from rain and snow.


This Lennox heat pump is the entry level model of the Elite line, but you still get a heat pump that is packed with great features. The scroll compressor with a sound dampener gives you great comfort on both heating and cooling, and quiet operation of 71 dB, no matter the season, but in single-stage operation. You still can get as much as 16 SEER for cooling and 9.5 HSPF heating when paired with a Lennox furnace, and you get an Energy Star rated appliance to boot.

The PermaGuard case has a galvanized steel case that has been painted with baked on powder paint for years of corrosion prevention.

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