Jandy Pool Heaters
Review and Buying Guide

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If you are searching for a pool heater, online or in stores, you will surely find name Zodiac Jandy. Zodiac is well known manufacturer of pool products and Jandy is their brand, renowned in pool heaters industry. Explore Jandy pool heaters, powered by natural and propane gas or electric heat pumps.

There are many Jandy gas-powered models and highly efficient heat pumps, so get right to the product descriptions and user experiences.

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Jandy gas pool heaters

Jandy JXi

Jandi JXi pool heaterJandi JXi
photo: Jandy

Jandy pool heaters from JXi series are at your disposal in gas input powers of 200K, 260K and 400K BTU and price range of $1830 - $2350 (year of 2017). Every Jandy pool heater from JXi series is available in natural gas and propane option and comes with 83% thermal efficiency and low NOx compliance.

JXi heaters feature copper fin heat exchanger tubes and stainless steel burner for durability and performance. You may select the unit with VersaFlo Integrated Bypass technology, that provides additional savings of up to 20% or buy the part separately and retrofit.

The main pros that manufacturer emphasizes, beside the technical characteristics, are lightweight, small size and easy installation, but users have added very important warning. Even it looks extremely simple to install unit by yourself, don’t do that. Customers claim that Jandy will not recognize the warranty on any part if the heater is not installed by professional.

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Jandy LXi

Jandy swimming pool heaters from LXi series are recommended for the homeowners and where it is needed to meet tighter low NOx emission standards and use benefits of different systems of pool and spa automation and control. There are only two input power ranges of 250K BTU and 400K BTU and 16 natural gas or propane models with different features to choose from. Check out if the unit has a freeze protection, maintaining temperature function, copper fin heat exchanger or cupro-nickel exchanger, polymer or bronze headers... and be ready to pay between $2260 and $2810.

Jandy Hi-E2

Jandy Hi-E2 is out of the series model. This is the most efficient gas powered Jandy pool heater with 350K BTU power input and outstanding 95% efficiency rating. The price is $7150 but you may count on lower operation costs of 30% or even more. There are natural gas and propane-powered units on the market, as well as heaters equipped with dual thermostat. Hi-E2 is made of the highest quality materials, from cabinet to ignition system making the unit almost maintenance-free. Some units are specially designed for salt water, making them more durable than heaters that come from competitors.

Jandy Legacy

Jandy Legacy gas powered pool heaters come in full range of power from 125K to 400K BTU inputs, with 19 models on the market. The prices are starting from the $1400 for the least powerful units and finishing with $3600. You may choose between natural gas or propane heaters, units with electronic ignition or millivolt standing pilot, some models are offered with cupro-nickel heat exchanger instead of the standard copper design. Check out if the unit is equipped with digital controls, self-diagnostics features, mechanical thermostat, compatibility with automation controls systems, a few of the Legacy models have them.

Reviewing the user experience, it is worth to highlight that they are really satisfied with the performances of Jandy Legacy pool heaters – even less powerful units work more quickly than expected in different weather conditions.

Jandy heat pumps

Compared to gas heaters, heat pumps are slower but more economical option, with up to 80% savings. However, the initial investment is bigger, and be ready to pay for the least powerful heat pump and the most powerful gas unit the same money amount.

Jandy JE

Jandy JE heat pumps come in the range of 72K to 137K BTU heat output and the price range of $2500 to $4700. With the exception of the 72K BTU unit, all models are equipped with titanium high flow heat exchanger and heaters record 6 or 6+ of COP (coefficient of performance). The most powerful 137K BTU unit are at the buyer disposal also in heat / cool option. All heat pumps feature dual thermostats for pool and spa settings, and AquaLink automation-ready digital control.

Jandy Pro

Jandy Pro series is the full brand name you see on the Jandy pool heaters and heat pumps. “Pro series”, meaning the top level of quality, according to user reviews may be matching because pros far outweigh cons. Robust enough in all weather conditions, Jandy pool heaters are dependable, with good value for money rate, and worth to be considered.

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