What is new in the heat pump world?

Check out the latest news of the heat pumps for residential use.

Ducane Heat Pumps - Review and Buying Guide

A review of Ducane heat pumps; models and top features. Whether you are looking for an HVAC device for heating or cooling, Ducane heat pump is an option to consider. It saves money and ensures comfortable home climate.

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Heat Pump Not Defrosting – Troubleshooting Guide

Is your heat pump not defrosting, under-performing and working with the reduced efficiency? Is there strange sound or white cloud of steam coming out of the unit? Is the outdoor unit frozen, cover with the white frost?

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Heat Pump Compressor Guide, Problems and Repair Tips

When heat pumps start failing and not working, very often is the fault of the heat pump compressor, as the main component. Troubleshooting a compressor, however, may be more complicated than you think.

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Comparing Heat Pumps - Single Stage vs. Variable Stage

Comparing single-stage, dual-stage and variable speed heat pumps – which one to choose and why?

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Heat Pump vs Furnace | Which HVAC system is Better

Heat pump vs furnace to find which HVAC is better for your home. Compare advantages and disadvantages and check out the tips to make the right decision.

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Ruud Heat Pump Water Heater Review

Review of Ruud heat pump water heater for home use. Check out main features and great specs.

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Frigidaire Portable Heat Pumps Review

If you are considering portable air conditioners by Frigidaire, Frigidaire portable heat pumps may be a better choice. This is why...

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Best Jandy Pool Heaters Review

Explore Jandy pool heaters, powered by natural and propane gas or electric heat pumps for home use.

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Best Pentair Pool Heaters Review

Explore a wide range of Pentair pool heaters available for residential and commercial use. Almost fifty different models of gas-powered pool heaters and heat pumps are at the customer disposal...

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Best Raypak Pool Heaters Review

Exploring gas powered Raypak pool heaters and electric heat pumps and its top features that provide superior quality, durability and reliability.

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