Hayward Pool Heaters
Review and Buying Guide

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Exploring Hayward pool heaters utilizing gas and electricity for in ground and above ground pools. Check out the main types and features.

Hayward is company specialized in pool equipment manufacturing, which means that pool heaters take up one of the most important places in their product family. Here, we are talking about residential pool heaters only, and Hayward's offers to people who decided to heat water in their pools and extend swimming season.

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For ease of reference, Hayward has classified its pool water heaters into two groups: heaters for above ground pools and heaters for in ground pools. The distribution, however, should be seen as indicative only; some models are classified in both categories.

With an exception of two compact electric spa heaters designed for spas and hot tubs, Hayward pool heaters are heat pumps or gas powered units.

Heaters for above ground pools


If your above ground pool is up to 13000 gallons, Hayward recommends heat pumps HP50TA and HP50HA, with 50K BTU and 45K BTU heating capacity, respectively. Cabinet shape is slightly different, a newer HP50HA model includes a cooling mode and some additional features, but both units are energy efficient, quiet, equipped with durable titanium heat exchanger and electronic controls. The price is almost the same, $1675 for HP50TA and $1630 for HP50HA. Hayward is proud to present these two units, because high quality heat pumps are usually considered as an expensive investment, for bigger pools only.

For users who want heated water quickly in all weather conditions, Hayward has designed H-Series inducted draft gas heaters, powered by natural gas or propane. Let's say the price at once – natural gas unit costs $809 and propane unit $200 more. With heating capacity of 100K BTU and modern technological solutions, H-Series heaters are ideal for small pool if you have a gas supply. The advanced features of the units include FireTile line combustion chamber with reduced emissions, electronic direct spark ignition system, one-piece copper exchanger, and stainless steel burner. Pool heaters are easy to operate, high wind resistant and safe.

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Heaters for in ground pools

The main Hayward product lines, HeatPro heat pumps and Universal H-series gas heaters, are designed for in ground and larger pools. Of course, this does not mean that you can’t use it to warm up water in your smaller pool.

Hayward HeatPro heat pumps for in ground pools come in several models, within 95K to 140K BTU power range. Think about HeatPro heat pumps as the most efficient units, which may cut heating costs up to 70%, and be ready to pay between $2625 and $3825 for one of them. Coefficient of performance (COP), that indicates in simple terms energy savings, are 5.8 – 6.0 certified by AHRI (the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute), which is an excellent result.

The advantages of HeatPro heat pumps come from: titanium counter-flow heat exchanger, the unique and extremely durable “Ultra Gold” corrosion-resistant evaporator, super quiet compressor, light and UV resistant panels, with polyethylene screen... Compared to the other brands, HeatPro heat pumps are more lightweight. Average weight is less than 250 lbs. If you need a heat/cool unit, search for the HeatPro HP31154T, with 115K BTU output (it is the most expensive model in heat pumps range).

Universal H-series is a gas water heater line from Hayward. Unlike heat pumps that operate efficiently only when air temperature is above 45-50 degrees F, gas units may heat water in any weather conditions. Generally, they are quicker, more affordable to buy, but less affordable to run.

Each Universal H-series Low NOx model comes in two options, natural gas and propane. Measured in BTUs you may choose gas water heater within the range of 150K to 500K. The prices are, at the time we are writing (April 2017), $1175 to $2790.

Universal H-series pool heaters feature Cupro nickel heat exchanger, the „heart” of the unit that provides superior durability regardless of water chemical composition. The Forced draft combustion system resistant to weather influence, patented header by-pass design, and digital control panel are additional pros for smooth operation. The manufacturer promises up to 18% energy savings by reducing circulation pump run-time with the improved hydraulic performance of the heater.

Hayward pool heaters come in assortment wide enough to find something for your needs. According to user experiences, they may be recommended for residential pools. We have one extra advice. Ask pool experts about Hayward pool water heaters first. Some models are trade exclusive, which means they are not available in retail stores.

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