Goodman Heat Pumps Review

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A review of Goodman heat pumps; exploring the features and technology that provide an outstanding heating and cooling, durable and reliable operation. Check out how Goodman products are protected from the cold weather and damages, what makes it quiet, and what allows heat pumps to work with less failures.

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The Texas-based Goodman Manufacturing Company has been producing heat pumps for over 30 years. The Goodman technologies have been put into some of the most reliable and energy efficient heat pumps on the market today that deliver great heating and cooling capacity while keeping your wallet happy at the same time. 

Your home HVAC system is one of the biggest investments you will make in your home, so it pays to find the best available products. And with the lifetime limited warranty on the heat pump's compressor, you don’t have to worry if it fails.

About Goodman heat pumps

photo: Goodman

The Bi-flow Liquid Line Filter Drier helps keep dampness out of your coolant and it also keeps dirt out of the line so your unit lasts longer and runs cleaner. If you want a quiet model, the muffler on Goodman heat pumps helps dampen sound by reducing vibration during normal operation including the shifts from heating to cooling and back again. It also comes with a sound blanket to help further reduce noise.

You don’t need to worry about toxic chlorine-based coolants being used in Goodman heat pumps, because they all use R-410A coolant instead. This coolant has also demonstrated that it is a contributor to the longevity of heat pumps in which it is used.

The coil is made of a copper tube that matches up with aluminum used to make the fan fins for the most effective heat transfer possible, as both metals are well known for their heat conductivity.

Winds and rain will come, and Goodman heat pumps, when installed with the appropriate brackets, are designed to actually stand up to hurricane strength winds. Tornado Alley and Gulf Coast summers are no match.

Repair technicians will be thrilled to know that the service ports can be accessed during normal operation so they can observe the unit and make a more accurate diagnosis. The Copeland Coresense Technology also gives techs the ability to recover fault history and read the LED signals to get you back up and running quickly and to get the repairs done right the first time.

Product features

The Copeland Two-Stage Ultratech Scroll Compressor delivers quiet operation and solid performance year after year.  It does this by compressing the coolant to provide the cooling you need. The scroll compressor uses 70% fewer parts than its standard counterparts so there are fewer things that could go wrong.

Goodman heat pumps also have SmartShift Technology defrosting that keeps your compressor operating at peak performance in cold temperatures.  It turns off the compressor completely for 30 seconds so the pressure can balance before restarting. This also keeps noise levels down that can otherwise occur with other brands.

Goodman heat pumps also have a crankcase heater that encases the bottom of the compressor and keeps the coolant warmer than the rest of the system so pressure is kept at a proper level and the whole compressor is protected from damage.

Going one step further, an accumulator helps keeps the liquid coolant from flooding areas and overwhelming the compressor in a process known as slugging. The accumulator keeps the coolant stored and releases it as vapor.

Goodman models

The DSZC heat pump line

There are two models in this line, the DSZC18 and the DSZC16.  The 18 provides 18 SEER cooling capacity for relief from the heat in the summer, as well as 9.5 HSPF heating ability that will help offset high heat costs.

The DSZC16 does not cool as efficiently but heating is just as effective as the 18.  With 16 SEER cooling, it will still give you reliable cooling on even the hottest days. Read detailed review...

The GSZ heat pump line

Like with the DSZC line, there are two models available in the Goodman GSZ line. The GSZ16 provides you with 16 SEER cooling efficiency in the summer and 9 HSPF heating effectiveness in the winter.  One step down is the GSZ14 that provides 15 SEER cooling and 9 HSPF heating.

While these models might not be as energy efficient as the DSZC line, they do come with a durable paint finish so you won’t have to worry about your heat pump falling apart after a few short years. The paint has been tested under salt water conditions for 500 hours so no matter where you live, you can feel confident that your heat pump will last.


The efficient heating and cooling provided by Goodman heat pumps is matched by the durability of the parts and the exterior to give you a piece of your HVAC system that you won’t have to replace for a long time.  Talk to your dealer today for more details about Goodman.

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