Goodman DSZC Heat Pumps Review

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The Goodman DSZC Series of heat pumps combine two things everyone loves – an efficient HVAC component at a great price. They use a variety of high tech features to ensure that you get the right amount of heating and cooling just when you need it.

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Goodman’s DSZC heat pumps utilize a two-stage scroll compressor called Ultratech. A scroll compressor uses fewer parts to gently glide between phases of operation, saving energy and wear on the parts, and saving you money in the process. A built-in coil and external temperature sensor system work together with the compressor to ensure that your heat pump is running at the right temperature setting without you needing to check your thermostat manually.

A complete system can be built using other Goodman products and the ComfortNet program that diagnoses the system and lets you know when you need to call for maintenance and repair. You also get updates on how well your system is performing.

A foam sound blanket helps keep these heat pumps from being too noisy, around 75 decibels. These features and more exist thanks to the founder, Harold Goodman’s, experience as an air conditioning contractor. He saw it all and knows what consumers really want.

Goodman heat pumps are also ideal for the contractors, because of how easy they are to install and repair thanks to two access ports – one on the top and one on the side. Those labor time savings can be passed on to you, the consumer, too.


You also get a ten year limited warranty on parts and a lifetime compressor warranty – almost unheard of any more. The compressor warranty is not transferable, but it is valid as long as you own your home. Imagine getting a replacement compressor should yours fail anytime during all the years you own your heat pump. That makes Goodman an industry leader in warranty coverage.

Cabinet construction

The cabinet of the DSZC heat pumps is made from a durable galvanized steel complete with louvers to protect the copper condenser coils. An enamel paint job on the outside keeps the metal from corroding.

Anchors can help keep the Goodman heat pump in place, even in strong weather conditions. They even meet the 2010 Florida hurricane wind strength integrity standards.


Freon worries are a thing of the past now that R-410A refrigerant is being used. This means no hydrochlorofluorocarbons are being released into the atmosphere any longer, so the ozone layer will be much happier. A filter drier keeps your refrigerant dirt-free and excess dampness stands no chance of building up. Goodman is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified as well.

DSZC18 heat pump

photo: Goodman

The DSZC 18 heat pump delivers up to 18 SEER cooling efficiency in the summer and 9.5 HSPF heating capacity in the winter, so you stay comfortable in every season without needing to fear your utility bills every time they come. They also come with a defrost technology to keep your heat pump from working too hard during the defrost cycle.

People love their Goodman DSZC18 heat pumps, with 98% of owners saying they would recommend their heat pump to a friend or co-worker.

DSZC16 heat pump

This heat pump model delivers slightly less cooling performance, at 16 SEER, but still gives you 9.5 HSPF heating for warm winters.   This unit also meets Florida building code standards for withstanding hurricane force winds when correctly anchored. It stands about 38” tall and 35” deep, so it won’t take up much room behind your house.

The DSZC16 model of heat pump also gives you an extra durable finish. The powder paint is subjected to 500 hours of salt water spray testing so you know that this heat pump can take on just about any weather condition there is. Pair that with the rust-resistant screws and you have a model you can relax and not worry about even if you live in tough weather zones.

Should you need to have your heat pump repaired, it does have a set of lights that will help the technician diagnose what it needs, and it can store up to six fault codes.

It’s hard to go wrong with a Goodman heat pump. For more information and to schedule a sales call, contact your local HVAC dealer and get started with cooling down your summers and heating up your winters.

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