Carrier Heat Pumps Review Reliability and Longevity

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Explore Carrier heat pumps for the residential home comfort use. Reviews of the main features of the Infinitity, Performance and Comfort series.

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Over 100 years ago, Carrier started keeping factories cool.  They continue to innovate today with heat pump products that keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter all while doing what they can to protect the environment.

Your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of your house, so choosing the right heat pump is important both for comfort and for durability over the many years you will live there. Today Carrier manufacturer is a part of the United Technologies Corporation group.

About Carrier heat pumps

photo: Carrier

Carrier makes three lines of heat pumps – Infinity, Performance, and Comfort.  Many models are Energy Star certified, meaning they have met federal standards for the amount of electricity they draw, reducing their environmental impact.  In addition, every Carrier heat pump uses Puron, a more environmentally-friendly alternative to Freon. 

Carrier’s cabinets are made out of galvanized steel finished with a baked-on paint finish for an attractive and durable finish.  Coastal units add another protective coating - Weather Shield – designed to shield the steel cabinet from corrosive salt in the air. Carrier also builds in filters to help ward of pollens and keep your indoor air quality high.

All of Carrier’s heat pumps come with a ten year parts warranty, and many of them have an optional five year labor warranty that you can buy as well.  In addition, coastal models have a separate corrosion warranty for five years.

Many of the Carrier heat pumps have two-stage compressors, allowing for efficient operation every day, stepping to the first stage when a lower level of heating or cooling is desired, and going up to the second stage when the load need is higher.

Comfort heat pumps

The Comfort line is the entry level of Carriers heat pumps.  They provide solid ratings in terms of heating and cooling without the expense of the top of the line models.  The Comfort 15 is the top model in the Comfort line, followed by the Comfort 14 heat pump and the Comfort 14 Coastal, which is the same as the Comfort 14 but with an extra durable case. That case does mean it runs a little louder than the non-protective coated version.

The Comfort 13 heat pump steps efficiency down slightly, and it comes with a Coastal version as well.

Performance heat pumps

These mid-range Performance heat pumps offer quieter operation than the Comfort series, which range from 69-74 decibels while the Performance heat pumps run between 68-70 decibels, thanks to a sound blanket or muffler design.  Plus, two models are compact versions that fit into small places perfectly.  Their single stage compressor means they are not as efficient as the Infinity series, but they still deliver effective heating and cooling.  

The Performance 16 at the top of the line offers you a two-stage compressor, the only one in this line, which means you get a more efficient system by turning on only the amount of power you need when you need it.  Performance 15 models are slightly less efficient, but they are quieter, only putting out 68 decibels. Performance 14 Compact models are small units that can fit as close as six inches away from the wall, or even fit on a roof.

Performance 13 delivers good quality heating and cooling as well as quiet operation, plus you can choose a Compact model.

Infinity heat pumps

These are Carrier’s best heat pumps. The Infinity system comes with a Wi-Fi capable remote control for the thermostat so you can be in control anywhere in the house

Infinity heat pumps have a shielding blanket and the Silencer System II making them some of the quietest that Carrier makes, starting at a mere 52 decibels and reaching up to 67 decibels. They all feature two-stage compressors that are more energy efficient than the single-stage versions and they operate more quietly.  The Infinity 19 heat pump is the best at cooling efficiency, while the Infinity 18VS heat pump is the best at heating you up in the winter, thanks to a variable speed compressor. 

Carrier heat pumps from Infinity 16, feature a dehumidifier that helps clear the air as well as keep you cool.  If you want to have that extra salt corrosion protection from Weather Shield, the Infinity 16 Coastal heat pump is the one you want.

So talk to your Carrier dealer to see if a heat pump from them makes sense for your home’s HVAC system.  They’ll match you to a heat pump that fits your life as well as your budget.

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