Carrier Infinity Heat Pumps Review

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Heat pumps are often the ideal climate control solutions for residential use. They are crafted for years of HVAC use while remaining energy efficient. Their small cabinet size is perfect for today’s smaller lots without compromising performance in both heating and cooling.

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Carrier’s Infinity Series of heat pumps are the culmination of history and technology with your ultimate comfort in mind at every step. Pair the Carrier heat pumps with a gas Carrier furnace for the Hybrid Heat system that will keep you pleasantly comfortable year round, all while using gas or electricity at the right times to save on your utility bills.

The Infinity Series of heat pumps come with a ten-year parts warranty for the original owner. There is some lesser coverage available if the unit is not registered within 90 days of installation.

Unique features of Infinity heat pumps

Quiet operation

Carrier heat pumps from the Infinity line operate extremely quietly thanks to a shielding blanket. Ranging from 52 decibels to 67, you will still be able to carry on a normal conversation standing right next to your new unit. It’s all thanks to the Silencer System II that keeps the noise levels down by reducing vibration.

Thermostat control

A computer connected to your thermostat inside the Touch Control remembers things like your personal settings as well as how humid your house actually gets. It then combines that with the current conditions to keep your house perfectly comfortable and regulate the humidity.

Pair the Touch Control with the optional Wi-Fi component to control the settings from throughout your house by your tablet or smartphone. The program will let you set up to eight unique zones in your house, so you don’t have to try to control the temperature in little used rooms.

Cabinet construction

Carrier’s heat pump cabinets are designed to give you years of worry-free operation. The exterior Weather Armor is made of galvanized steel and baked-on paint that will help protect the steel from corrosion. A coil cover will protect them from damage from rocks and the elements.

Environmentally friendly

Carrier heat pumpphoto: Carrier

The two-stage compressors work much more quietly than units that only have one. It can run at lower speeds when it is needed, thus saving money, maximizing energy efficiency, and reducing noise pollution. The heat pump is operating in a low-stage for nearly 80% of the time resulting in more consistent indoor temperature with less drafts, and better climate control. Plus, Carrier has developed an alternative to Freon called Puron, a substance that provides exceptional cooling without depleting the ozone layer.

Also, all of the Infinity series heat pump models have Energy Star certified models in each category. High performance models can be up to 20 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the model is.

Models in the Infinity line

Carrier Infinity 20 (25VNAO)

One of the most advanced groups of Carrier heat pumps is the Infinity series, and the Infinity 20 model (25VNAO) with the Greenspeed Intelligence is the top of the line – most efficient in its class for 2014.

The Greenspeed Intelligence combines the adaptable-speed technology and the control’s intelligence, such as the modulation on gas water heaters, resulting in the power output that precisely meets the house needs, no more - no less. The unit brings great benefits such as the efficient heating/cooling, high comfort and quiet operation. The combination of the Infinity 20 and Infinity control is what makes the Greenspeed Intelligence deliver its best.

Equipped with the variable speed compressor, Infinity 20 can operate at different speeds, depending on the temperature and humidity conditions, adjusting the output between 40 % and its full power. The result is better energy efficiency and temperature control, less noise, less wear and tear of the elements making other components such as the air purifier and humidifier work also more efficient.

Infinity 19 (25HNB9)

Carrier’s Infinity 19 Heat Pump cools up to 19 SEER and warms up to 10 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). This is one of Carrier’s most efficient units, and is near the top of the Infinity line. No matter what size you choose, all Infinity 19 models are Energy Star certified so your energy costs are reduced.

Infinity 18VS (25VNA8)

The Infinity 18VS heat pump features a variable speed compressor which will keep your electricity costs down on even the hottest days. Most of the units in this range are also Energy Star certified, and they still give you the best performance of the Infinity line in winter with an 11 HSPF rating. Plus, this particular model only puts out 55 decibels of noise, making it one of the quietest in the Infinity line.

Infinity 16 (25HNB6)

The Infinity 16 heat pump cools with a 17.5 SEER rating. The compressor-enhanced dehumidifier will keep you comfortable all summer long and while not whisper quiet, its 67 decibels will not disrupt the neighbors – or you. The two-stage scroll compressor is a modern standard in HVAC units and an advance from the one-stage compressors older models used to use.

Infinity 16 Coastal (25HNB6**C)

If you live within ten miles of the ocean, you will want to consider the Infinity 16 Coastal heat pump, which features a Weather Shield corrosion-resistant finish that will help your heat pump hold up to the effects of salt on metal. It also heats up to 9.6 HSPF and like the Infinity 19, all units in this line are Energy Star certified.

Model comparison

The Carrier Infinity line of heat pumps represents years of research and development culminating in the best heat pumps they can offer. Heating homes efficiently, especially in high-utility cost areas of the country, can be a challenge. If looking for the best of Carrier, Infinity 20, with the Greenspeed Intelligence that combines the adaptable-speed technology and the control’s intelligence is what we recommend.

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