Carrier Comfort Heat Pumps Review

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Though it seems strange to think about heat pumps when summer is just around the corner, it’s actually the best time to install a new heat pump from Carrier because they not only keep you comfortably warm in the winter with quiet, efficient heating, but they also cool you down in the summer. The Carrier Comfort Line of heat pumps gives you all that at a budget-friendly price.

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No matter where you live, there is a Comfort Series heat pump just right for you.  With two models perfect for coastal living and several models in this line earning Energy Star ratings, you can rest comfortably, assured that you have made a wise investment that will generate savings as the years go by.

Carrier Comfort heat pumps come with a ten year parts warranty and an option to buy a limited labor warranty. The coastal models also have a five year parts corrosion warranty, handy in the tough salty air conditions.

Unique features of Carrier Comfort heat pumps

Energy efficiency

To help you regulate your utility bills, all of the Comfort Series heat pumps can be paired with a gas furnace from Carrier that switches between gas and electric to save on energy consumption as well as keep your costs of ownership down while heating the house effectively in even the coldest winters. Pair it with a programmable thermostat for maximum efficiency. This system is called the Hybrid Heat HVAC system.

Environmentally friendly


Carrier Comfort heat pumps use an alternative to Freon called Puron, designed to be more kind to the planet. Freon is considered to be an ozone-depleting substance and modern air conditioning units have steered clear of using it any more.

Quiet operation

Comfort Series heat pumps are a bit louder than the more expensive models Carrier makes, but they still won’t sound like a rock and roll show. They range from 69-74 decibels, or about the sound of a hair dryer.

Cabinet construction

The cabinet is made of galvanized steel with a baked-on paint for added durability and years of use. There is also a wire coil guard to shield the working parts from any damage from extreme weather, pets, or kids playing nearby. The Coastal units also come with an added protective coating called Weather Shield that helps keep the steel from corroding over time and aggressive salt water action.

These models are also not so huge that they take up an entire side yard. They utilize Microtube coils that help save space while not compromising performance. This design helps keeping noise down thanks to a clever design that makes airflow smooth.

Models in the Comfort line

Comfort 15

Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, this model features an efficient single stage compressor that delivers 15 SEER in the summer and 8.5 HSPF in the winter, heating your house comfortably. All of the models in this line are also Energy Star certified and feature a filter that keeps outside pollens and pollutants out of your indoor air – great for allergy sufferers.  The case features Weather Armor, the same coating the top of the line models have, to protect your case from the weather impact.

Comfort 14

This model is slightly less efficient, coming in at 14 SEER and 8.2 HSPF, but at only 69 decibels it won’t rock the house. The Comfort 14 heat pump also features the air filtration and Weather Armor protections.

Comfort 14 Coastal

With the Comfort 14 Coastal you get the same efficiency as the Comfort 14, and you gain a tougher case that will help you keep your heat pump for many years to come. The harshest salt air is usually found within a few miles of the shore, so if you love coastal living, this is the model for you. The Weather Shield Armor Plate coil covering and full paint protection paired with the Weather Armor protectant will give you peace of mind and great heating capability.

It runs a bit louder than other models in the Comfort line at 72 decibels, but it still is a reasonably quiet unit.

Comfort 13

The Carrier Comfort 13 heat pump gives you quieter operation over the 14 Coastal but with slightly less performance. You still get 13 SEER and 7.7 HSPF for cozy winters and cool summers. If you match this one with a Carrier furnace, you can improve your efficiency ratings.

Comfort 13 Coastal

Like the Comfort 14 Coastal, this has a Weather Shield protective coating on the case to ensure you have years of use. You have the same efficiency ratings as the Comfort 13 base model but it does run noisier, at 74 decibels, making it the loudest of the Comfort models. Filters make the air inside as clean as it can be.

As the name implies, the Carrier Comfort line of heat pumps is meant to give you efficient heating and cooling from one HVAC system and for less, when compare to upper models. Recommendation is to check with the heating and cooling contractor for more information about buying a heat pump and installation.

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