Bryant Preferred Series Heat Pumps

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Bryant Preferred Series heat pumps are ideal for use in the average home or business. Bryant heat pumps are designed to be the perfect HVAC system for mid-sized areas while still offering you the value and efficiency that you have come to expect from the leaders in heat pump technology. So if your home needs the best heating and cooling system around, turn to the experts to learn more about the Bryant Preferred Series.

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Many of the Preferred Series heat pumps are exceptionally efficient, meeting Energy Star’s rigid guidelines for excellence in efficiency. So when you get a new heat pump, you know that it will offer you the most cost effective energy sipping model available on the market today. This level of quality will help to lower seasonal heating and cooling bills all while providing you with your ideal temperature.

All of the models in the Preferred Series heat pumps also offer a 10 year warranty on parts. This kind of industry promise ensures you that you are receiving the highest quality HVAC units on the market. You can also take the warranty as peace of mind that you will not need to worry about costly repairs.

Preferred Series Models

Bryant Preferred 226A

Bryant heat pump Preferred seriesphoto: Bryant

Bryant Preferred 226A model is one of the most advanced in the Preferred Series line. It is the only HVAC model to feature the efficient two-stage system which allows for a more constant heating and cooling on the low-stage settings. This low-stage setting also offers the enhanced benefits of being extremely cost effective and power saving. You get SEER cooling up to 17.5 and up to 9.5 HSPF heating efficiency.

The 226A unit is also equipped with an advanced dehumidification technology. This is important as molds, allergies, and colds flourish in humid environments. Having a unit that will help lower the summer humidity level will actually assist in improving your health by hindering the growth and spread of molds and colds.

Bryant Preferred 225B

Model 225B is an ideal middle ground between size and capabilities. While not featuring the two-stage system, it is still able to provide highly efficient heating deep into the winter months. With an HSPF rating of up to 9 it is one of the most energy efficient models in the Preferred Series.

This enhanced efficiency is further complemented by the Bryant Housewise thermostat. The Bryant Housewise thermostat allows the owner to change the temperature on the go without having to rely on timers or settings. Forgot to turn down the heating or want the house to be cooling before you get there?  The Housewise thermostat allows you to make those changes wherever you are via Wi-Fi so you will always be able to manage your home even when you’re away.

Preferred 224ANS

The 224ANS is known as the compact heat pump model. It is much smaller in size than others in the series and is ideal for those who need a heat pump but are limited by space. Its space saving abilities are complemented further by its narrow design and ability to be as close as six inches from your house. This means that if you have narrow confines and a full sized HVAC system would be too large, then the 224ANS is ideal for you.

Due to its fan facing on the side and not on top like other models, the 224ANS can also be stacked on top of each other offering even greater efficiency. It’s still impressive with 14 SEER and 8.2 HSPF ratings provided by the single stage compressor.

Preferred 223A

If you need a heat pump that can deliver exceptional cooling for its size then the 223A is the ideal model. With a SEER rating of 13 (and a 7.7 HSPF for effective heating in the winter), a quiet decibel level of 70, and Wi-Fi temperature control, the 223A delivers all the best features in a smaller package.

Preferred 538B

The 538B model is another perfect heat pump model for the space and environmentally conscious. Its small size like the 224ANS makes it ideal for narrow areas and it can also be stacked. It provides you with the same effectiveness ratings as the 223A.

So when you are looking for the perfect mixture of price, ability, and size, the Preferred Series is ideal for all of your heating and cooling needs. These heat pumps from Bryant can really deliver an important component of your HVAC system.

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