5 Best Heat Pumps – Buying Tips

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With temperatures rising in some places and others going down, there’s always the need for a device that can offer comfort in both situations such as heat pumps. One of the following best heat pumps can be a perfect choice if you want to fix temperature at home!

Air-source heat pumps are used for both heating and cooling, and they are incredibly useful for doing so. However, the most common use for heat pumps is to warm rooms and sometimes entire houses depending on their size. These heat pumps also reduce cost, improve heating capacity, and sometimes can even help to dehumidify and improve overall air quality at home when compared to other heaters.

But whatever your purpose is to get a heat pump, it is always important to know more about them. This way you will be able to learn which are the best heat pumps, how they work, what they offer and then pick the one that best fits your needs. Keep reading and find out more!

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What to know before buying heat pumps


Most heat pumps have a specific performance limit, which varies according to how the device is made and what’s the desired capacity, whether it is residential or for industrial application.

First, you have the single-stage heat pump which delivers a standard capacity and can’t be changed according to your needs. You will have to use the device at 100% performance at all times, and most of the time they are used for small places.

Then you have those devices that can offer different performance qualities, which you can pick according to your needs – called two-stage heat pumps. You can choose a low function for a more efficient application or high performance if you want the place to be hot. And of course, these can be used for small, medium or large areas, as long as they have enough size.

Finally, you have the best heat pumps, the variable-capacity models which offer up to 4 different performance levels which you can choose that fits the environment. You can also use them in automatic so they will pick the right heating or conditioning capacity according to your needs. These, however, are the most expensive and very rare to find.

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Here you need to consider both the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) and the HSPF (Heating Season Performance Factor), the former measures air-conditioning capacity and the latter measures heating efficiency.

Usually, SEER should be between 13 and 23, with the standard around 15 and 17. And for HSPF, you can go up to 13, but most ratings are between 8 and 11.

For a basic efficiency, we recommend something between 15 SEER and 8.5 HSPF. This way you will get excellent results in moderate climates, where there are no peaks in cold or hot, and at the same time you want low costs and don’t need too much performance. These mostly come in single-stage models.

Then you can find heat pumps with 15 to 17 SEER ratings and with 8.5 to 10 HSPF, both excellent for places where temperatures can go below 10ºC or go over 35ºC throughout the year. These are also incredibly efficient and may lower your energy costs. You can find them in single-stage or two-stage models.

Finally, you have the ones with the most efficiency, with ratings over 18 SEER and over 10 HSPF. These are mostly recommended for extreme climates, where temperatures may fall below 0ºC and humidity is high, or places where great air-conditioning capacity is needed. Of course, these often offer two-stage or variable capacity performances.


The size means the overall power capacity the devices have, and it is measured in BTU. Most devices are around 12,000 to 24,000 BTU, but the best heat pumps can offer up to 60,000 BTU, which means they are bigger and can cool down or heat up larger spaces.

For a small heat pump that can heat up a single small or medium sized room, you can go for an 18,000 BTU device. If you want excellent results in a medium-sized room or a big room, go for 24,000 BTU or larger. And if you wish an industrial-grade capacity, go for a device that offers 60,000 BTU, which are the best for entire houses or industrial environments.

5 Best heat pumps to consider

Carrier Infinity 20
Lennox XP25
Trane XV20i
Amana AVZC20
Bryant Evolution Extreme 280A

Carrier Infinity 20 heat pump

One of the most exciting and powerful options in the market, the Infinity 20 from Carrier is a top-notch choice for everyone. You will be able to enjoy from 20.5 SEER efficiency and 13.0 HSPF ratings, both for incredible performance, which will help you cool down or heat up any environment without a problem.

A compressor for everyone

Carrier Infinity 20Carrier Infinity 20
photo: Carrier

Something that makes the Carrier Infinity 20 Greenspeed stand out from the crowd is its ability to come in different models, whether you want a variable speed device or a two-stage one, or if you don’t need much of a performance, go for a single-stage heat pump. Each one comes with incredible power and efficiency that fits different users’ desires that can go from 18,000 up to 60,000 BTU.

Super Quiet performance

Want a device that doesn’t make too much noise? Then this one is the best for you. With its Silencer System II, you will experience only 56 dBA of sound coming from the apparatus. It would be even quieter than any industrial fan allowing you to have a conversation beside it.

Excellent Infinity controls

The Infinity System alongside the Infinity Touch Control allows you to configure the heat pump according to your needs at all times. When you pick a variable-speed device, you will be able to choose from 40% up to 100% performance, while also allowing you to manage temperatures, ventilation, and humidity, from different places and for various devices at the same time.


  • Convenient Infinity 20 Control System
  • Variable-speed compressor
  • Quietest performance in the market: only 56 dBA noise
  • Best performance & efficiency for heating

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Lennox XP25 heat pump

With a variable-speed compressor and one of the best SEER efficiencies at 23.5, the Lennox XP25 is the perfect choice for the user who wants outstanding comfort and costs at the same time. And of course, the 10.5 HSPF rating and the dual-fuel compatible system will allow you to get even more from the device.

Lennox XP25Lennox XP25
photo: Lennox

Extremely efficient variable-speed compressor

The efficiency of the variable-speed compressor of the XP25 is superb. You will be able to use the device at different performance levels and always get the best from it, without problems. Capable of going from 40% up to 100% according to your needs, this heat pump will readily supply the excellence you are hoping to get.

Top-notch construction

The entire device is made with the whole purpose of providing a more durable and comfortable experience when cooling or heating your home. And all of that starts at the construction, especially when considering the compressor blanket and mounts for excellent 58 dBA sound suppression, and the great-quality case for more durability and resistance throughout the years.

Versatile fueling methods

Want to increase the efficiency of the device? You can pair up the XP25 with any gas furnace to provide even more heating capacity for a lower cost, while also allowing users to connect a SunSource solar module and get the most efficient cooling capacity and at the same time minimize the using price. All of that to achieve a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.


  • One of the best heat pumps for cooling
  • Much more versatile fueling options
  • Really efficient variable-speed compressor
  • Quiet and durable: excellent build

Trane XV20i heat pump

Trane XV20iTrane XV20i
photo: Trane

When looking for a heat pump that offers superb comfort and at the same time alleviates your needs for either heating or cooling, the XV20i from Trane is your best choice. A device with more than 500 stages for more efficiency, you will also be getting outstanding clean air and one of the best performances when it comes to heat pumps.

Outstanding comfortable operation

Not only it can offer a variety of BTU capacities according to your needs, but it also provides the 500/750 Stages TruComfort technology, which helps to change between cycles and minimize temperature fluctuations while lowering humidity, reducing noise, improving filtration system and costing a lot less for its operation. It will speed up and slow down to fit your temperature needs automatically.

Outstanding efficiency

Thanks to the variable-speed design of the XV20i, you will obtain first-grade efficiency with up to 20 SEER and 11 HSPF, which delivers constant heating or cooling capacity that reduces monthly costs while making your room exceptionally comfortable.

Top-notch construction

With the components’ design of the XV20i from Trane, you will get a more durable, resistant, and efficient device that will help you achieve your desired comfort without problems. From the Climatuff Variable-Speed compressor to the WeatherGuard II top case and the DuraTuff Rustproof Basepan alongside the zinc-coated fasteners, you will get a long-lasting device without a doubt.


  • More comfort with its 750 stages technology
  • Well-made entirely: durable, quiet and resistant
  • Top-notch efficiency for wide variety of applications
  • Offers better air quality and excellent heating capacity

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Amana AVZC20 heat pump

The high-quality craftsmanship of the Amana products is all translated into an incredible device like the AVZC20, a heat pump that provides an outstanding efficiency with one of the best performances plus the most durable and reliable construction out there.

Amana AVZC20Amana AVZC20
photo: Amana

100% full-system programmability

From the ComforNet Communications technology ideas, the Amana AVZC20 delivers one of the highest-quality thermostats and control adjustments you could hope for. It will allow you, from a simple touch-screen display, to monitor, adjust, set on and off, and even program maintenance alerts and much more, thanks to a 100% programmable system.

Superb efficiency

With a 21 SEER efficiency rating, you will get an outstanding performance at all times, especially when it comes to cooling capacity. Lower costs, faster cooling methods, and one of the quietest performances out there – the AVZC20 does it all. And when paired up with the 10 HSPF rating, you get even better results, both for short and long-term efficiency bills improvements.

Incredibly reliable compressor

The variable-speed compressor of Amana heat pumps makes it easier to get the utmost comfort in entire houses without problems. You will also experience a long-lasting device made with excellent-quality coils, top-notch compression technology, and overload protection, so your heat pump lasts longer and at the same time helps you reach the perfect temperature for your needs.


  • Outstanding ComfortNet compatibility for convenient controls
  • Quiet, durable, efficient and extremely reliable construction
  • The most efficient cooling capacity 
  • High-quality variable-speed compressor for better performance

Bryant Evolution Extreme 280A heat pump

Bryant Evolution Extreme 280ABryant Evolution Extreme 280A
photo: Bryant

One of the most reliable, efficient and long-lasting devices on the market, the Bryant 280A model comes with a wide variety of features and technology improvements that promote a more comfortable and efficient performance.

Outstanding controls

The Evolution Connex technology of the Bryant Evolution Extreme is a magnificent feature that allows you to choose between automatic or manual performances, helping to get a more intelligent and comfortable experience. You get a dehumidification feature, better system operation, and the Evolution Extreme monitors for a more reliable experience with your heat pump.

Extremely efficient

The inverter-driven capability of the 280A model offers up to 13 HSPF efficiency which alongside the variable-speed compressor will easily achieve an exceptional decrease of long-time costs and eventually help to get first-rate heating performance. It also offers excellent 20.5 SEER efficiency for superior cooling capacity.

Reliable performance at all times

Reliability is all about delivering comfort & efficiency consistently, and that’s precisely what the Bryant Evolution Extreme heat pump provides. An exceptional variable-speed performance that is both smooth and quiet with its AeroQuiet System II, reducing vibration and promoting top-notch airflow throughout, reducing noise to 58 dBA during cooling and 62 dB while heating.


  • First-grade heating capacity and efficiency
  • Totally reliable and quiet performance
  • Most convenient control design with Evolution Connex feature
  • Excellent additional features: dehumidification, Wi-Fi controls, and consistent operation

5 Best heat pumps 2018: Which to choose?

When it comes to choosing a heat pump for your home, as you know, there are various features you should consider as well as some specifics that will make the difference between a good-enough heat pump to an almost perfect device. But it all comes down to what meets your needs better.

For example, if you want a device with superior heating capacity, the Carrier Infinity 20 or the Bryant Evolution Extreme will both give excellent results. However, if you need is a device with better cooling performance, then go for the Lennox XP25 or the Amana AVZC20 which are both incredibly efficient as well.

For reduced costs, the Lennox XP25 or the Trane XV20i will efficiently provide more fueling options and higher-quality efficiency. Overall, however, the Carrier Infinity 20 offers excellent results, from the quietest performance to the most versatile set of compressors, you can pick this model and receive tons of advantages.

So, if you are searching for the best heat pumps out there, make sure you consider our options and recommendations. Just pick the one that best meets your needs!

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