AquaCal Pool Heaters Review

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The most efficient way to heat water in your swimming pool is to use a heat pump, and AquaCal pool heaters are the number one in this field. Florida based manufacturer has decided to commit to heat pump development, so you will only find this type of pool water heaters in their product range.

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In 2016 and 2017, almost the whole assortment of AquaCal was redesigned, old models were replaced, and new ones introduced for the first time. If you are searching for AquaCal pool heaters on Amazon web store, for example, you will find both old (good selling) and new models, with information about replacement. Have in mind that new models are improved, not more expensive than older ones, and definitely a better choice.

There are several core advantages of AquaCal pool heaters, but 30+ years of experience in heat pump production is the most important one. The last improvement of their heat pumps is ThermoLink, patented Titanium heat exchanger technology. With a few exceptions, new models are equipped with this superior heat exchanger, which guarantees longevity, excellent efficiency, and performance achieved by unique water management system.

The other pros of the AquaCal range include corrosion-proof cabinet with drain pain for condensate management and lockable weather protected control panel, microprocessor controlled defrost cycle for low temperatures, excellent customer support worldwide... Compared to the other heat pumps, operation is quieter.

Now, we are going to review AquaCal pool heater product range, and turn your attention to the features worth to be noted.

There are two lines and brand names of residential AquaCal pool heaters: TropiCal and Heatwave SuperQuiet.

Popular AquaCal heaters for swimming pools

TropiCal swimming pool/spa heat pumps

Aquacal TropicalAquaCal Tropical
photo: AquaCal

AquaCal pool heaters from TropiCal series are mainly at the lower budget level and the lower power range. They are designed for above ground and inground pools, in six models: T35, T55, T75, T90, T115 and T135. The first three models are equipped with „tube in tube“ Titanium heat exchanger, with patented counter-flow water management system. The other three heaters: T90, T115 and T135 utilize ThermoLink Titanium heat exchanger. 

If you need a high efficient water heater for small pool, check out the first half of the list. The maximum heat output is, depending on the model, between 36K and 72K BTUs and prices are, accordingly, $1800 to $2550. More powerful water heaters T90, T115 and T135 are in the range of 96-132K BTU and expectedly, more expensive, with the price between $2974 and $3644.

Though it seems that there are sufficient models for residential applications, the most interesting Aquacal offer is yet to come.

HeatWave SuperQuiet

Aquacal HeatwaveAquacal HeatWave
photo: AquaCal

It is not only a name – HeatWave SuperQuiet heat pumps are the quietest pool water heaters with heat pump inside. Their 55 dB are quieter than sound of normal conversation (60 dB) and you will be able to relax without disruption.

HeatWave SuperQuiet series consist of five models: SQ125, SQ120R, SQ145, SQ166R and SQ225. We have lined them up here based on amount of heat output, but look at the letter “R” in SQ120R and SQ166R. These units have heating and cooling features. AquaCal has named its heat/cool pump patented technology Icebreaker®, just to know when find the word it in the model name.

If you want to cool water when needed, you have to pay more. “Icebreakers” – SQ120R with 110K BTU output, and SQ166R with 126K BTU output, cost $4000 and $4625 respectively.

HeatWave SuperQuiet models without cooling feature are the most efficient heat pumps on the market. The energy efficiency (in COP units) reaches even 6.5 and 6.8, well above the 5.5 or 5.7 of the other popular pool water heaters. HeatWave SuperQuiet models have increased compatibility with two-speed and variable speed pumps, providing additional savings.

All three SuperQuiet heating units SQ125, SQ145 and SQ225, with heat output of 101K to 143K and price between $3750 and $4625 are former AquaCal models, additionally improved. They are high-rated by users and proved as reliable and durable.

When trying to find a model that fits to your needs, the first step is to calculate the heat power (BTU) and the savings caused by heat pump selection. The AquaCal offers free calculator on their website, savings and sizing estimator, to deliver recommendation based on your location, pool size, and intended length of season.

To conclude: The AquaCal pool heaters are dependable and popular units. If you are ready to invest in heat pump powered solution for your pool heater, get to know their offer in details.

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