American Standard Heat Pumps Review

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An overview of the American Standard heat pumps including the features that provide hybrid fuel heating, efficient and quiet operation, great climate control, communication system for a solid performance and easy control. American Standard offers models for every household; from the advanced Platinum series to economy Silver series, and capacities from 2 to 5 tons…

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American Standard has been keeping customers comfortable since 1892. The company’s innovative heat pump products combine the best ways of heating and cooling into one HVAC unit that won’t make you empty the bank. Their upper end models give you variable speed compressors for high energy efficiency under all conditions, while the entry models are designed to still give you great performance at an affordable price.

About American Standard heat pumps

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American Standard heat pumps serve dual duty, efficiently and reliably heating your home in the winter and cooling it in the summer. When matched with a gas furnace, they become part of a hybrid fuel heating system that delivers much more effective fuel efficiency. American Standard heat pumps can also be matched with a humidifier/dehumidifier that will control the humidity level in your home as well, no matter whether you live in the hot south or cold north.

Powder-painted finishes are meant to give your new heat pump a tough exterior that will deliver years of service all while resisting rain, sun, and possible damage. Durable construction of the base pans will also keep you from experiencing any rust for years to come. Long parts warranties give you worry-free operation for as much as 12 years and give you an indication of the construction quality.

Aluminum coils deliver reliable heat transfer as well as a corrosion resistant capability that lends itself to longevity.

Models review

Platinum Series

With the Platinum Series you get the AccuComfort system that combines variable compressor speeds with a precision thermostat that helps in balancing the temperature and AccuLink communication system that ensures that components work perfectly. AccuComfort thermostats are fully programmable and they can be integrated into an automated program.

The AccuComfort Platinum heat pumps are designed with the SEER in the range from 18 to 20 for efficient cooling in the summer and a very efficient 10 HSPF for heating in the winter.  Not only that, but you also get quieter operation with the variable speed compressor, usually between 59 and 72 decibels.

What all of this means is that your HVAC system is able to deliver perfect comfort at lower energy costs, particularly in the winter when heating oil and gas costs are the highest. You’ll have a nearly 20% more efficient system as a result.

Gold Series

The gold line features one current model, the Gold 17, another two-stage compressor unit. This model is also capable of being matched with other HVAC products to deliver even better heating and cooling capacity, all without using Freon and all while delivering you a quiet model, between 72 and 74 decibels.

You get constant comfort all year long with the thermostat’s micro adjustments that keep your home’s temperature nearly the same regardless of what is happening outdoors.

Silver Series

You might need a new heat pump, but you have some concerns about the cost. This is where American Standard’s Silver Series can be the best choice. The heat pumps from this series combine some of the best features this manufacturer offers - like quiet operation and solid performance, with a non-Freon based coolant. While the AccuLink controller also comes with these models they do not have any variable speed compressors.

Three models, the Silver 16, Silver 15, and Silver 14, are available. The major differences are in the SEER ratings, with 16, 16 with sound muffling, and 14 respectively. They maintain low 70s decibel ratings in all three models so you have low noise impacts.

The American Standard heat pumps can contribute greatly in your home's HVAC system and provide worry-free operations for a long time, and do so while not requiring you to pay huge utility bills. You’ll have cooling and heating as you need it for a perfectly comfortable home - you just have to select the right model.

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