American Standard Platinum Heat Pumps Review

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One of the most efficient lines of heat pumps manufactured today from American Standard is the Platinum line. The Platinum Series marries the ultra-efficiency with the AccuComfort system that gives you variable speeds for perfect comfort when you need it most, giving you the heating and cooling performance you need.

Platinum Series features

With the American Standard Platinum Series heat pumps you also get humidity control, so not only are you kept cool in the summer, but you also have “steam-free air” thanks to the AccuComfort system that adjusts the speed of the compressor as the temperature adjusts up or down. That variable speed compressor also translates to cost savings for you, because it does not pull as much energy to operate.

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American Standard stands behind their products for a long time. You get a 12 year compressor warranty, as well as a 10 year outdoor coil and internal parts warranty – one of the strongest warranties in the business.

Pair your heat pump with a full furnace from American Standard to get the most out of your HVAC system, and if you add the AccuClean filtration system, you can also remove most of allergens from the air –over 99%. The AccuLink Platinum 950 is the ultimate thermostat system that links to an app you can get on your mobile device or main computer to control the temperature in any room. You even get smart alerts when you need to clean the filters, giving you worry free operation for many years.

Efficient operation

Two-stage compressors also mean quieter operation, as low load situations only require the first stage, and that means quieter fans running more slowly. Plus, your heat pump won’t have to cycle on and off all the time, so your home stays at a more constant temperature, and that means it won’t have to ramp up to the second stage as often. Single-stage compressors only have two phases – on and off, so they don’t have the ability to do just part-time work.

Cabinet construction

The cabinets of the Platinum Series models are made from durable materials to give you years of service, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. A sound insulator helps reduce noise even further.

The coils are made out of lightweight aluminum, a metal well known for its ability to transfer heat effectively, and as it does not corrode in wet environment like steel can, it gives the coils more outdoor longevity. Adding to the corrosion protection factor is a base pan made to be corrosion resistant. The louvered panels are designed to protect the coil from the elements or damage from branches, rocks, lawn tools, and anything else that might happen to them. They are powder-painted to help boost the corrosion protection and keep any sharp metal pieces from harming little fingers belonging to curious kids.

Platinum Series models

AccuComfort Platinum 20 Heat Pump

This heat pump delivers a top of the line 20 SEER rating in summer and 10 HSPF heating efficiency rating in winter. It does this thanks to the variable speed compressor that uses stages to keep your home comfortable in any season. Its efficiency rating means you can have a comfortable home without compromising your budget in the process. Its variable speed compressor gives you quiet operation – one of the quietest of all heat pumps.

Pairing this heat pump with an American Standard furnace gives you a boost of up to 20% more heating ability.

AccuComfort Platinum 18 Heat Pump

This heat pump is slightly less efficient than the Platinum 20 for summer cooling, coming in at 18 SEER, but still offers great heating effectiveness with 10 HSPF (8 or more is a sign of high efficiency, and might even be worth federal rebates for energy efficient equipment).

A variable speed compressor also comes on this model so it adjusts regularly to the outside temperature, keeping you comfortable indoors without much variance because it does not cycle on and off. How constant is the temperature range? Within fractions of degrees.

Though not as quiet as the 20, this model of heat pump will provide you with relatively quieter operation as compared to other major national brands.

Next steps

When you are in the market for a heat pump, it’s hard to beat an American Standard Platinum Series model. Their high efficiency compressors and durable cases mean they will provide you years of budget-friendly service, cooling you nicely in summer and warming your chilled bones in winter.

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