A Review of Amana ASZC Heat Pumps Series

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Amana is well known in the heat pump industry for its heat pumps' efficiency and the high level of quality to which they are made. Two of their mid-range HVAC components are effective at cooling a home in the summer and heating in the winter.

Here's a closer look and short review of the Amana ASZC line of the heat pump; ASZC18 and ASZC16 models.

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The Amana heat pumps from the ASZC series all feature some of the highest craftsmanship in the HVAC industry. Although the models range in size, efficiency, and features, a few uniting factors are true across all the models in this line. One is the 10-year warranty on parts that guarantees your Amana heat pump was made to some of the most exacting standards of the industry.

Another major feature is that even the least efficient unit in the series is still well ranked for efficiency using the rating as set out by the Department of Energy. So you don't need to worry that getting a smaller unit means you are forsaking the cost savings that come with getting a high-quality heat pump from Amana.

A review of Amana Heat Pumps from ASZC series

Amana ASZC18 model

Amana ASZC heat pumpsAmana ASZC series
photo: Amana

The ASZC18 is easily one of the fan favorites. With a user approval rating of 4.9, this is one of the best-liked heat pumps Amana offers. Coming with a built-in ComfortAlert diagnostic monitoring system, this unit is smart enough to know when it needs to be fixed, and so it can pass on that information to you or your HVAC repair company. This saves you money by finding minor problems before they become major concerns. It's much easier than discovering the hard way when you have a heat pump issue on a hot day.

It delivers up to 18 SEER cooling efficiency, so you stay comfortable in summer and 9.5 HSPF heating effectiveness for winter time warmth. The Copeland two-stage Ultratech scroll compressor is the reason for that efficiency, as it can make adjustments as needed to the unit's operation instead of running at full power every time it switches on.

The ASZC18's efficiency is boosted by the ComfortNet communications system that does more than just ensure the thermostat can be set from any wireless device. The in-house version has an easy-to-read LCD screen that can be used to program a number of settings. Pair it with the optional remote control, and you can adjust the settings from anywhere in the house.


Another highly respected model of the Amana line is the ASZC16. This model has a high SEER rating of 16 and an HSPF rating of 9.7. So whether you are heating or cooling, this unit will do a great job at keeping your costs low and your home at the ideal comfort level.

This heat pump also comes with the Copeland two-stage Ultratech compressor and the ComfortNet communications system for maximum efficiency and improved control over the indoor temperature settings as compared to regular thermostats that cannot be programmed. Your energy bills will be reduced over those generated by other models that don't have these technologies.

Rest easy knowing your Amana heat pump can alert your repair technician through the ComfortAlert module. Plus, this heat pump is built to last thanks to the heavy gauge galvanized steel exterior shell that provides superior protection for the internal components from weather and possible damage by debris. The SoundControl top will be able to give you quiet operation, about 74 decibels, by reducing the volume of the noise produced by the unit.

A bi-flow liquid line filter drier keeps the coolant in your new heat pump clean and free of water for longer life and more efficient operation. Contaminants, much like those in your car's motor oil, can create friction, and that can damage the internal workings of your heat pump, shortening its life.

With top-notch warranties, some of the quieter heat pumps on the market, and advanced technology leading to increased efficiency, it is little wonder the Amana brand is a respected HVAC producer. When you want to have reliable heating and cooling for your home or small office, consider the Amana heat pumps from the ASZC series.

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